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About Us

Our Story

When Brandon our founder first entered into college in Springfield, MO for his economics degree. There was very few jobs and who would later become a serial entrepreneur began to find services that were not being rendered in the local area. His first company was to help older and low income households with there prescription drug prices. This was his first shot at business, and it showed. All of the knowledge of college and books on marketing and entrepreneurship did not equal real life experience. All he wanted to do was help other people and help pay for college. However, from a financial standpoint this venture was a failure, but from a knowledge standpoint it was a success and it would provide the tools that he needed to find success in the future.

Having received his degree in economics and trying to fulfill his dream of working on wall street. Brandon Decided to instead start a new business to supply the demand of game servers and website design. Brandon got the idea of starting the game servers business from his little brother who told him that there was not enough game servers for several of his online games, so Jogogame was born. Then to also get another revenue stream he started to design websites for local companies. After a few years and finding success he decided to close the business down and begin with a new project. One more ambitious and more demanding than anything ever attempted before.

In 2017, Data Enterprise Inc. The parent of emailking.xyz began, with the goal of selling EPAAS or Enterprise Platform As A Service. EPAAS a ERP SAAS was developed from the bottom up to help small businesses have one bill but have everything from accounting to High Quality web hosting provided at a price that that suits small businesses. This is where emailking.xyz first began. Exixting ESP (Email Service Provider) platforms were did not able to fit the bill. There was less control over quality on both the front and backend that was needed. Soon it became clear That we could provide our Email Marketing SAAS as a seperate service as well. So in 2018, after several discussions within the company it was decided that emailking.xyz should be included both within EPAAS and also as a seperate service.

Our History

First Company Started

The first dive into business from a financial stand point was an absolute failure. However, many ideas were tested and put into action which allowed future successes to take place.

The Third Company, begins

The third company that was founded, Jogogame. A seller of online game servers along with SEO and website design was the first successful business that helped to propel everyone into the future.

Data Enterprise Inc.

Data Enterprise Inc the Parent company of Emailking.xyz is founded. Selling EPAAS, a all in one ERP SAAS the company was able to quickly achieve profitability.

emailking.xyz begins

EmailKing began because the existing platforms were not able to fit our needs. So instead of going with MailChimp or ConstantContact. We decided to create our own ESP (Email Service Provider). This has enabled us to control every aspect of quality control from the front end all the way to the actual MTA (Mail Transfer Agent).